Dear Blog,

Friday it was cold. The whether had my toes turn a ghostly white and caused me to find protection under my thick blue coat. My dress was a navy-blue pencil skirt (which went to my knees), a white polo shirt hidden by my jacket, and black flats. Considering my skimpy clothes in such frosty cool you can imagine the amount of goose-bumps that traveled across my skin. Walking into school I had to stamp my feet in order to get blood once more flooding through them.

Being home-schooled my whole life, this is new for me . . . THE ACADEMY. A classroom, classmates, male-teachers, tests, uniforms, almost always constant giggling, it is all so different. Of course I do only come once a week, but this opportunity is . . . refreshing. In a way I like the stress and expectations pushing me on. In this I further my education and my goals become new cliffs to climb. Friday has become the highlight of my week, four times a month I get to prove myself and prove that I can. Can get good grades, can become a better writer, can learn how to use proper logic, can become a friend, a great companion, and the best peer, and above all I can GLORIFY GOD IN ALL THAT I DO. This is my goal this year, this is my expectation, this is Mount Everest . . . not only for this year, BUT FOR MY LIFE.


In Christ Alone ~EleyanaFaith


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