Umm . . .

I stand tongue twisted in front of an audience. They have their heads bowed hands folded, but I can’t see them because my eyes are closed, my hands are holding a microphone.

“Dear Heavenly Father,” my words utter across the room. “Thank you for this day.” My voice quivers and my sub-conscience  checks everything. Heartbeat . . . fast. Stomach . . . butterflies. Mind . . . not where it should be. I pause to remind myself, to calm my nerve. God, the prayer is to God, not my peers. I resume and try to keep my focus straight. I’m not preforming for them. This isn’t one of my speeches, when I get up and try to win their hearts. I fumble and fall . . .

“Umm . . . ” another pause and I fight to keep God in the center.

Keeping God in the Center

Keeping God in the Center

This is it, this is like every other day, this is life. Christ, I tell myself, Christ is what I want to live for today. I set out to live my goal and within seconds I’m like a sea-turtle who never made it to the water because I’m being crushed by the enemy. And who’s to blame, society.

Society tells us we have to act perfect, no mess ups, no stutters, just a smooth run through. And if not . . . What will people think of you?

“You’re disgusting, can’t you eat like a normal person? You’re so stupid you can’t even spell ‘l-o-s-e-r’ correctly. Hey I got a math equation for you. What’s two i’s plus two i’s . . . You, four-eyes, four-eyes. Wanna race? Oh wait, I’m sorry, you can’t cause you’re not fit.”

All the possibilities build up and leave us wanting, wishing to be what the world sees as perfect. And all this time God is left in the dust.

I said earlier that society, is to blame for this ig-norance of Christ. That’s only half true. Society started all of it, but we secure it. How? By believing all the lies.

God made us perfect the way we are. Outside looks and knowledge don’t matter, it’s the heart that God sees, and that is the only part of us we should be worried about.

So next time your in front of the microphone, think about it.

God made us perfect the way we are, so we can glorify Him the way we are. We can’t glorify him when we pretend to be the perfect that the world sees.

If you have your heart set on being perfect the way Christ sees, then you can always finish with a sturdy . . .



In Christ Alone~EleyanaFaith


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