God’s Chosen

Dear Blog,

Every week I go to Church.

Every week it has an impact on me.

Every once in a while I help hold a Church serivce at a convelesent home.

Every time I do, it has a HUGE impact on me.

At first it seems impossible that I could reap more blessing from the hospital than from my “real” Church. It is dingy and dirty. The people are grimy and strange. The service is made up of a few misfits…not even real pastors. The worship service is one piano player and someone on a tuba. It’s small…on the outside, but from the inside, that’s where I’m impacted.

This group of misfits has the biggest hearts I have ever incountered. We step inside the room, my mother and I, and we are greeted with the shinning faces of the patients. They are so greatful for even the small things we do, even if we screw it up pretty bad. Every moment there, is a moment gained in Joy. It impacts my heart more than anything.

This place, a forgotten corner in the world, is where I am blessed so very much by people long forgotten by society. To think that these people with full hearts and bursting smiles were once the target of destruction in an age passed is unbelievable. People like Stolin and Hitler wanted to rid the world of these so called disabled. They were only hiding their own infirmities. They wanted to be rid of the deaf, mute, and blind. In truth, though, they were the deaf, mute, and blind. Deaf to the voice of God. Mute to the words of truth. Blind to the beauty of others. Shame on them…..shame on me.

How many times do we forget the hearts hidden by broken bodies? We look on the outside, watching and noting every fault of the outside beauty while ignoring the inward beauty of their souls (1 Samuel 16:7).

Would you believe me if I said their voices, raised upwards in praise to God, is the most beautiful sound in all the world? Why? Because they believe the words and pour their soul into their worship. It is a gift from the heart instead of from their lips (Matthew 15:8).

Would you believe me if I told you that to such as these God gives His kingdom? Why? Because they are like children, believing, honest, and accepting (Matthew 18:3).

Hallelujah!! Praise to God for giving us these misfits as examples!! May we be like them!!

These are God’s chosen. Never forget them. Find them. Love them. Hold them dear.

In Christ Alone~EleyanaFaith


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