My Name, God’s Story

Throughout my life I have made much make believe. I have soared on fairy wings, cheered on an imaginary football team, knighted several honorable men, danced in a gypsy caravan, jumped a train as only hoboes can do, and I have gone where only the imagination can carry you. All of the memories I hold of these magnificent times are wrapped up in the folds of numerous outfits. These clothes, are to me, the treasure of my child-hood, and all treasures must be kept in a safe place. The safe place I erected for these particular treasures is an old wicker basket.

This old whicker basket is not ordinary. It is an emblem of things remembered to the past, present, and future. Therefor, along with the items it holds, the safe place is a memory and treasure dear to my heart. Sadly, though, dear things can often be forgotten and thus it happened that I had left this old friend to the past.

Time has a strange habit of reminding us of the past, revealing to us the future, and doing so in the present. Well, today is the present and today time took the time to remind me of the past…the same past I forgot my old friend in.

It came upon me, the realization that I could gain an evening spent in joy if I unearthed these treasures which held a childhood of memories. So, I searched for and found my old friend, the whicker basket, and as I removed the lid the clothes became my scope to the past.

A memory reminded me and somehow the image stuck. I’ve been thinking about it all day.

Do you remember playing make-believe? Do you remember why you did so? I remember one of the reasons why I did. I played make-believe so that I could make believe I was someone else and therefore have a different name.

So many times I made up a new name for myself. So many times. But somehow I was never satisfied with a made up name. For some reason I was never content with a fake name.

Looking back I now know the reason. It may seem silly to you, dear reader, but to me it makes perfect sense.

I was never satisfied with a made up name because my real name is like the names of the Old Testament. It holds a story. My story.

My story is very similar to the story of Samuel. Samuel (meaning: God listens) was given his name because God listened to the prayers of his mother Hannah. Eleyana (meaning: My God has answered me) was given to me because God answered the prayers of my mother.

The reason behind my name means very much to me, and because of its meaning I will never want to change my name. My name started my story, a story filled with prayers answered by a mighty God. A beautiful story of His grace and love towards my mother. A story that  continues as He daily brings grace and love to me. Through my name God glorifies His name. Therefore, my name is actually God’s story and because of this I am overjoyed. 

In Christ Alone~EleyanaFaith


2 thoughts on “My Name, God’s Story

  1. Bailey says:


    This article is really cool! I LOVE your blog…you have some very wise things to say. I believe God has giving you a gift for writing…a gift for reaching people through WORDS… Certainly, the Holy Spirit is with you and I am blessed to know you and be your friend!

    In Grace and Peace through our Lord Jesus Christ,
    Bailey S.

  2. eleyanafaith says:

    Thank you Bailey. This comment means a lot to me. One of my main joys in life is writing (as long as it isn’t a summa =] ), and to use my gift of words to glorify God is so….AMAZING. To think that I can inspire brings me so much joy. I thank God every day for what He has given me.

    In Christ Alone~EleyanaFaith

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