Jesus and Servant Leadership

Leadership is simply influence, and everyone has influence. Therefore anyone and everyone is a leader.

So, the question isn’t how to become a leader. The question is how do you become a great leader

Think of someone you know, or have heard about that is a fantastic leader. What makes them so great?

Are they…









How did they become like this? Were they born with these gifts or did they have to work towards them? Usually a great leader is both. They are born with these special gifts, but they have to work towards perfecting them.

(1) A great leader can’t be given their gift by someone else. It cannot be bestowed upon them. Rather, leadership must be manifested.

(2) Servant leadership DOES NOT COME NATURALLY. It must be practiced.

In order to get a clearer understanding about what I mean, do this exercise.

What you need: A piece of paper, a pen or pencil (crayon, marker, or paint brush works too), your right hand, and your left hand.

First, take your writing utensil in your prominent hand and write your name on the piece of paper.

Now, take your pencil into your other hand and write your name again.

The second time you wrote your name should look sloppy and uncontrolled, weak. This represents a poor leader…unpracticed.

However, as the old saying goes, “practice makes perfect.” Or nearly perfect.

If you practiced writing with your bad hand, spelling your name over and over, relentless in your pursuit after perfection, you will come close to the same penmanship as your prominent hand, but you won’t quiet get there.

Guess what your first signature represents? The greatest leader, Jesus. Although we can’t even come close to Jesus, we can try. But first we need direction. We need to see what real leadership looks like.

Servant Leadership is exemplified in five very essential aspects of a God fearing Christian character:

Meekness-Power under control.

Integrity-Quality of being whole or undivided.

Vision-Seeing God’s presence, power, and plan despite the obstacles.

Attitude-Responding like Christ.

and, Empowerment-Building others up.

I am planning to go much more in depth with these five pillars of leadership as the weeks go on. And as I learn more about them, I am going to challenge myself to manifest these virtues into my life. I want other to look at me, talk to me, know me, and realize that I have Christ evidently in my life.

I challenge you in the same way. Please take my words to heart and let them take root in your life.

My prayers are with you.

In Christ Alone~EleyanaFaith


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