Blessed be Your Name

Strums from a Ukulele make for perfect car ride praise.

A couple of days past we were headed up to Auburn and my little sister had her ukulele in hand…as usual. She was playing a praise song new to her instrument, but old to our ears. In fact, we knew it by heart. It is one of my favorites, because it got me through a very hard time.

It seemed just yesterday that my life turned into hospital visits and car rides to convalescent homes, but in reality it was two years ago.

Two years since my aunt collasped and was rushed off to the ER.

Two years since my precious relative slipped into a comma.

Two years since my dear friend was nearly taken into the hands of God almighty.

Two years since I, a child of the king, lost sight of His all powerful will.

Two years since I almost slipped into a comma of doubt and anger.

When I had heard that my aunt had a complete plummet in her health I was devastated. My worry grew twice as bad when I heard that she had a slim chance of survival. For days I walked around the house in depression saying, “She’s gonna die, there is no chance of her survival. Even the doctors say it would take a miracle.” Didn’t I believe in a God of miracles?

The devil used this time to attack my greatest strength, vision.

Vision has always come easily to me. Ever since I can remember I have had a strong sense of God’s sovereignty, but through this trial and hardship I started to become near-sighted to God’s all perfect will. And worse, I began to blame Him for this misfortune and I grew angry at my creator.

My siblings grew cross with me, and rightly so. They had hope, and my doubt was firing bullets of destruction at it.

It was at this time that a song kept rotating in my memory. A song that God had foreordained to use as a rope to lift me back towards Him.

Over and over the lyrics played. Over and over I thought on them, and slowly I began to see the God of miracles once more.

Slowly, I began to see that everything belonged to him and if He wanted to take my aunt, it was perfectly in His right…as if something isn’t in His right.

Slowly, I began to realize that even if the worst did happen I still needed to praise him for it.

I was reminded of all this the other day. Sitting in the car singing the lyrics, pronouncing every word true. My mother, brother, sister, and I all presenting these truths to Christ, the sovereign king of all.

In Christ Alone~EleyanaFaith

Here is the song…if you were wondering =] I found this really cool version on YouTube. Enjoy.

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