Finding Fogiveness

There is a friend as Proverbs explains as, loving at all times.” This is the person who always gives you bear hugs, and laughs at your jokes even when they’re not funny, the one who is patient when you’re moody, always pushing you to excelle, but who forgives and is understanding when you fail . . . The friend who never says no because you mean more than the moon to them. The one I call the giving friend.

And then, there is the taking friend.

Just this week my heart was broken by one of these friends, my ten year old little sister.

Mikayla is the youngest in the family. The spoiled ragamuffin. The cute little test dummie. The one who means the world to me…the world and beyond.

Little sister, I love her more than life itself. But maybe I’ve shown it too much. Yes, I do believe I have. It shows clearly now because I’ve been hurt by my spoiled pup.

I am the first friend, the giving friend.

Mikayla is the second friend, the taking friend.

I always gift and she does nothing better than receive. So, naturally when I asked Mikayla to switch the roles for a special occasion she had a hard time doing so and ended up refusing.

I was hurt. In fact, I was shattered.

My first reaction was to return the favor….I started to plan refusal. The next time she asked me for a favor I was going to point her back to this occasion and man was she going to…..

No, I sighed. This isn’t right. My job is  to forgive, not hold offenses.

“Love holds no record of wrongs”

Did I truly love my sister? That’s a no brainer. Of course I loved her! Then the first thing I needed to do was forgive her in my heart.

I couldn’t help thinking of Jesus pierced with OUR sin on the horrid torturous cross! Did He hold a grudge? No, in fact he did the opposite,

“Father, forgive them, for they no not what they do”

Jesus’ first reaction was forgiveness, not thoughts of revenge.

Mikayla stood before me, stubborn and unmoving. But no longer was my heart wounded. Instead it was full of compassion and grace.

Ah, grace. That wonderful thing that I can’t give on my own, but through Christ, I can freely give.

Yes, Christ, the ultimate giving friend. And through Him I found forgiveness.

It was hard on Mikayla. Everyone was upset at her for what she had done. But we are all humans. The sinning rebelling offspring of Adam. But even with our lingering flesh, all of us Christians have our thread of Christ in us (hence our name Christian, or as I like to say Christ-in), and Mikayla soon came to me with a repenting heart. And as she stood before me, tears of sorrow for what she had done streaming down her baby soft cheeks, I was able to be an example of Christ to her by saying,

“I’ve already forgiven you”

Because Christ said to me near eight years ago the day I asked Him to forgive my wicked, cruel, bloody sins, the same exact thing:

“I’ve already forgiven you…2000 years ago I forgave you.”

And because of Christ my darling little sister and me have found forgiveness.


In Christ Alone~EleyanaFaith

One thought on “Finding Fogiveness

  1. Borne again says:

    I totally understand I am praying for you. This blog is so great it’s so powerful.

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