Isaiah 12

During my Bible study/quiet time this morning I was reading Isaiah 12 and I was hit with the realization of how precious the gift of salvation is, and how much God truly loves His children. Even in the Old Testament we can see clearly God’s plan through Jesus Christ. Thus, this is a testimony that God knows all and is in control of all. He has thought this through. He has chosen the best path to bring Him the most glory, and us, the most good. 

In Christ Alone~EleyanaFaith



 You will say in that day:
“I will give thanks to you, O LORD,
for though you were angry with me,
your anger turned away,
that you might comfort me.

 “Behold, God is my salvation;
I will trust, and will not be afraid;
for the LORD GOD is my strength and my song,
and he has become my salvation.”

With joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation. And you will say in that day:

“Give thanks to the LORD,
call upon his name,
make known his deeds among the peoples,
proclaim that his name is exalted.

“Sing praises to the LORD, for he has done gloriously;
let this be made knownd in all the earth.
Shout, and sing for joy, O inhabitant of Zion,
for great in youre midst is the Holy One of Israel.”


Carrying me Through

I had a fall on Friday….emotionally. My burdens had been building into a mountain for quite some time and that fateful day was when I finally fell from the peak.

The day started rough and continued on from there, and towards the end I had to go to one of those events that so often crowd up our lives.

It was supposed to be a fun event. An ice-cream social, in fact, and it started out very joyful indeed. However, as the night progressed so did my pain. I was ailing and I didn’t know what to do.

I went to my mom searching for sympathy and instead she admonished me. All day my emotions had been on the edge of explosion, and my mother’s rebuke finally caused my eruption.

I fled to the car hoping to find compensation through tears, but it did not come.

I cannot tell you why I was crying because I don’t know the reason. I guess that it was just a build up of everything that has been happening to me.

I wasn’t angry,

or upset,

just….on edge?

I was grieving. Grieving for my hardships. Not unthankful or unexcepting of what God had placed in my life, just burdened by it.

I didn’t even ask why God had placed so many trials in my life because I already knew the answer. Somehow, through some way, it eventually will bring Him glory and will bring me good. Everything always does.

So here I was, crying for no reason really, just crying. Crying over an emotion I could not name. Crying because of my burdens that I am continually excepting, with grace, from my unchanging King, and while this all happened I felt so alone.

I looked toward the building, from inside my car, longing more then ever that someone who cared about me would come looking for me, and upon finding me would provide a shoulder to cry on.

In hope, I hoped against hope, and for once my timing matched up with God’s. He provided the perfect gift through a dear friend who came to my side and helped me carry my burdens.

Oh how thankful I was for her! How thankful I was that she cared and searched me out when I was missing! How thankful I am that she helped me carry my burden through prayer and encouragement!

We talked, Oh how we talked, and God gave her the words I needed to take a brave step out of the car…..God carried me the rest of the way, back into the building. And He hasn’t put me down yet!

Through this trial I had vision. Vision in knowing that even though things are hard God is still watching over me.

Yes, it would have been easy to question God, to get upset at Him for choosing me for such a burden. But, that would have proved fruitless…and foolish. 

Instead, I choose to except and thank Him for these trials. He will not give me something that I cannot handle, and I am blessed to know that He trusts me enough to carry on until the end.

To Him be the glory forever and ever!

In Christ Alone~EleyanaFaith

Bringing Healing through Forgiveness

I had my back turned to the conversation between my mother and her friend. It was better that way, because I had tears in my eyes.

The friend kept asking forbidden questions, each one stabbed into my core, like shards of glass through my heart.

I couldn’t believe the inconsideration of this person as she kept digging deeper into our personal matters. She was trying to get all the information, all of our dirt from past years.

Was it wrong for me to think of her as rude? as a complete gossip? Did I not have experience to back up my belief?

I did. I knew what she would do with this new knowledge. It would spread like wild fire lighting our family’s reputation a blaze.

Her interrogation brought me back to a time I never wanted to return to, a time that I wanted to leave forever in our past. But I was forced to go back.

It hurt. So very much. And when the conversation ended abruptly with a rebuke from this woman’s husband I was relieved to say the least.

But, the wound didn’t go away. Not even when the couple left our home. Late that night I struggled in my sleep as her questions became a visual torment in my dreams.

I awoke the next morning weary from a wretched night and a burdened mind. The weight I now carried was nearly unbearable.

It was in the car when I finally shared my troubles with my mother.

“I can’t believe what she said. How could she be so uncaring? Has she no idea what her words might have caused? It hurt me so very much, I can’t even imagine what you must have felt.”

She choose to remain silent to what I said. I don’t know why.

It has been several days since the passing of that event and yet still it is causing me frustration.

Sometimes it takes a while for wounds to heal.  And even if they do stop bleeding, a scar might be left in its place to remind you every now and again of the pain you once felt. 

Emotional wounds are hard to heal, but I believe the healing begins with a willingness to forgive and forget. Christ lead us in this example when he sacrificed Himself as the spotless lamb. Through Him came the forgiveness of our own sin and through Him we can forgive those who sin against us.

Through forgiveness we find love, and as we all know….

Love covers over a multitude of sin!!


In Christ Alone~EleyanaFaith

Dear Lord, I want to take this time, this moment, to forgive the wounds which this woman has caused. Please make her conscience of the fact that her words have the ability to cause either pain or healing. Help her to make the choice to use her words to build others up instead of tear them down. Please help me, in my own pursuit, to purify my words and to control my tongue. Let every word that I ever say be used to bring you glory. In the name of the lamb that was slain for my own sins I forgive and choose to bring you praise for this situation. I love you ever so much. Amen.

“I Feel like” – The American Church Losing their Foundation

Have you heard anyone say, “I feel like ______”? I’ve heard it a lot, and of late, I’ve been thinking much about it…..and you know what? I’m starting to “feel like” the American Church is losing their foundations.

It seems to surround us, the uncertainty of what is true.

It seems to be ever where, the lack of conviction.

It seems to be hiding in every corner, the inability to speak out with courage.

Why is this? What is happening?

We have an enemy which is doing all in his power to place corruption in the Church. He doesn’t want us to have certainty, conviction, or courage.

He wants us to always be questioning the reliability of our faith. He wants us to build our foundation weak, and he wants to see it crumble.

He is doing this by placing false teachers in our Church, and also through our culture.

A culture that allows the murdering of millions of baby lives, “Who are you to tell a woman what she can do with her own body?”

A culture that is supportive of divorce, “Everybody deserves the happiest life they can get?”

A culture that is encouraging unnatural relations concerning one of the most holy covenants that God has set into place, “How could we deny freedom to people concerning their owns bodies?”

So many times we lack the courage, conviction, and certainty to stand up for the truth, because of fear:

Fear of being judged.

Fear of being criticized.

Fear of being persecuted.

But, as children of God, we are not ruled by fear.

‘Do not fear, for I am with you; Do not anxiously look about you, for I am your God.’ -Isaiah 41:10

Even more, we are to rejoice when we are judged, criticized, and persecuted.

“Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness,
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” -Matthew 5:10

Think about the story of Jesus. Do you remember why Jesus was so different compared to the Pharisees, why His teaching was considered far above theirs?

“They were amazed at his teaching, because he spoke with authority.” – Luke 4:32

Jesus didn’t say, “I feel like_____” and he certainly did not teach what was politically correct, like the Pharisees. He spoke with courage, conviction, and certainty, even though He knew that it would eventually lead to His death.

I challenge you to follow in the footsteps of Jesus. Be steadfast in your foundations through certainty, conviction, and courage. Read the word and add to your knowledge; discretion and wisdom, then use these Godly attributes to speak with authority. And….ban the words “I feel like” from your vocabulary.

In Christ Alone~EleyanaFaith

Here is a video that goes a little further into what I wrote about in the above post. I do not believe that the speaker, Taylor Mali, is a Christian, but what he says is still extremely valuable to a Christian. Please watch it, and tell me what you think.

Your Great Name

It was a couple of days ago, but the memory still sticks, I hope it always will.

I was at the piano, tickling the ivory. My mother was on the couch strumming guitar strings.

We were working at some of our favorite worship songs, some of which included At Your Name, 1000 Reasons, and Your Great Name.

Feathery Ivory

I adore this time with my mother, spent praising God with our musical talents.

There is nothing better than praising God through the talents He has given you.

That night, as darkness came over our little suburbia, I worshiped my king through these songs. All of them were amazing. Each one spoke to me in a different way. But, when I came to Your Great Name my heart came close to bursting.

The words in that song are so powerful, so true.

I looked it up this evening, needing some encouragement, needing to refuel my fear of God almighty, and while I listened to the music I read the comments made on the video…

Amazing song! I love it! It brings me to tears! All the world WILL praise His great name! Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess! Praise the Lord!!

I love you lord. I know you have a way and plan for me.. please show your way… I know you are with me no matter what. I have no doubt in my mind that You will never turn your back against me.

Thank you Lord for this day to glorify your name! ❤ ❤ Christ your everything! Everyday the devil tries to tempt me to turn back to my sins, but I know with Christ with me I can overcome him! ❤ God Bless!



Now, as I close this post I give you three challenges. (1) Listen to the song, it is posted below, (2) Look up the lyrics and sing it, and (3) tell somebody how God spoke to you through the lyrics.

Let this song take root in your heart and change your life.

I love you all as my siblings in Christ. May He bless you in every way.

In Christ Alone~EleyanaFaith

For-Ordained to Miss a Train

By thirty seconds we missed it.

My mom was on the platform when she found out….she watched it drive out of sight.

I was still downstars, underground, carrying all my luggage when a staff member told me the bad news.

“Ma-am, the train is already gone.”

My heart skipped a beat.

Gone? GONE? We missed it? But, but, but…….

I climbed up the steps, my heart still ponding from running the half a mile it took to miss a train. My mom was up there too, and my sister and brother, all out of breath and sad.

“Is it true? Is it gone?”

“Yes,” my mom replied. “I watched it drive away.”

We stood there not knowing what to do.

Ever since the begining of summer this had been planned. My brother and I were going to go to my grandparents house on the train, but now it was too late….we missed it by thirty seconds.

We found a bench and sat down. My mom couldn’t stop saying, “I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” And we would reply, “It’s okay. It isn’t your fault.”

Then it happened….the weirdest thing…..I smiled.

I wasn’t sad and depressed like most people would think I should have been. I was smiling. Smiling because I knew all of this was a part of God’s almight plan.

Then she said it. Sweet little Mikayla.

“This sucks.”

I smiled down at her and said, “No it doesn’t, because this is God’s plan. He forordained this to happen.”

My mom called my grandma. She arranged   a different plan. We couldn’t go on the train after all. We would have to drive down.

We turned away from the train tracks and walked down the stairs. We walked through the station and all the way back to the car. All the while I had a smile across my face, because God choose that moment to impress upon my heart His sovereignty, and I was able to praise Him for that.

In the car my mom prayed, “Lord, we don’t know why you had this happen but we are told to thank you for everything. So, we thank you for this.”

In my heart all day long I was thanking Him. Thanking Him, and praising Him.


Dear Lord, a lot of things happen in our daily lifes that we don’t like. We don’t know why they happen, but for some reason you alow them to happen. God, we don’t want to fight you, so please help us excpet the tribulations that you give us. Alow us to see that your plans are so very much better then our plans. Reveal to us your sovereignty. Thank you that we have assurence in knowing that you have for-ordained every day in our lifes, and that you are in control of everything that happens to us. And Lord, thank you for leading me to you. Thank you, for being a gracious and kind, long-suffering and slow to anger, abounding in love. You are the only God worth serving. I love you so very much.

In Christ Alone~EleyanaFaith