Your Great Name

It was a couple of days ago, but the memory still sticks, I hope it always will.

I was at the piano, tickling the ivory. My mother was on the couch strumming guitar strings.

We were working at some of our favorite worship songs, some of which included At Your Name, 1000 Reasons, and Your Great Name.

Feathery Ivory

I adore this time with my mother, spent praising God with our musical talents.

There is nothing better than praising God through the talents He has given you.

That night, as darkness came over our little suburbia, I worshiped my king through these songs. All of them were amazing. Each one spoke to me in a different way. But, when I came to Your Great Name my heart came close to bursting.

The words in that song are so powerful, so true.

I looked it up this evening, needing some encouragement, needing to refuel my fear of God almighty, and while I listened to the music I read the comments made on the video…

Amazing song! I love it! It brings me to tears! All the world WILL praise His great name! Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess! Praise the Lord!!

I love you lord. I know you have a way and plan for me.. please show your way… I know you are with me no matter what. I have no doubt in my mind that You will never turn your back against me.

Thank you Lord for this day to glorify your name! ❤ ❤ Christ your everything! Everyday the devil tries to tempt me to turn back to my sins, but I know with Christ with me I can overcome him! ❤ God Bless!



Now, as I close this post I give you three challenges. (1) Listen to the song, it is posted below, (2) Look up the lyrics and sing it, and (3) tell somebody how God spoke to you through the lyrics.

Let this song take root in your heart and change your life.

I love you all as my siblings in Christ. May He bless you in every way.

In Christ Alone~EleyanaFaith


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