Two Trees and The God Who Planed Them

It hung on the tree. That fateful fruit that when swallowed stole sacred holiness and gnawed away our purity.

Before God our souls were stained, blackened with the blood red sin that separates us from our perfect father.

In that moment when the woman, offspring of man from whom came all offspring, questioned the commands of the just and righteous God, all was lost because her faith was replaced by pride that deceived her into thinking that she deserved to know the weight of what the immortal knew.

She bit into death and realized she was wrong.

But not before she shared the lush fruit with her husband. Teeth sunken into the juicy flesh which locked the doors to communion with our creator. But God was watching. He knew and a plan had already been written, before time had begun. And His plan had to begin with Him.

The father reaching out to His lost sheep. We hear His plea for reconnection in the book of Genesis 3, the first question of the Gospel story, “And Jehovah God called to man, and said to him, ‘Where are you?’ He wanted to walk with man, and instead had to save him.

So Jesus came, “wrapped in clothes and lying in a manger.” And the second question asked is from Man. The reply, so to speak, to the first. Three wise men search for the king and they find by seeking an answer to “Where is the promised Messiah?”

God incarnate meets with fallen Man and for thirty so years they walk together. Then the miracle happens.

The Son of Man becomes the savior of man. The scape goat. He receives the weight of sin, all sin, and pays Man’s punishment with His blood when he is nailed to a tree.

And here we see it. God’s amazing little surprise. And I can almost hear His laughter as He watches me, His daughter, jump with delight as I realize his plan.

With a tree the separation began bringing sin into the world separating us from God. But now, Christ born in flesh hanging on this cross, this tree, conquers sin and brings us to communion with the Father.

Do you see it?

The tree that brought sin, and the tree which conquered it. Two trees and the God who planned them.

In Christ Alone~EleyanaFaith