The Floodgates of Mercy

Thoughts in the head like the boughs above it,
Crooked and leafless wanting rain.
A sigh from the heart,
Winter has taken its toll.

Spring is wanted in this restless heart,
A rebirth from all that has died.
It thirsts and begs that love be made into rain,
So that from the floodgates restoration will be brought.

Oh heavens, listen to this plea,
For love is wanted in a hurt place.
Let your drops fall with mercy,
Upon the wellspring that has been wrought with hate.

Is it too late for this heart to be brought to life?
Can something so dead, if watered with love,
Produce fruit like the trees,
Green after a month of sky water?

Everything around has thirst.
The trees the ground,
Earth beneath tired feet.
But, the heart most anxiously awaits newbirth.

Do you, Oh LORD that commands the sky,
And brings water to a dried earth.
Also will to look upon a sinful heart,
That has been left dead under the weight of flesh?

Let your forgiveness flow,
Though all be unworthy of that lot.
Let a blood purchase take the sin away,
And exchange it for living water.

It exhales in a cool whisper,
The breeze of winter turning to spring.
And with the earth the heart rejoices,
For the soul drinks full from the floodgates of mercy.

In Christ Alone~EleyanaFaith