Emptied Vessel

God said follow, and I obeyed. Should I now be swayed, mislead, or delayed by the calls of Men fall broken from the time sin entered the world and distorted our nature, making us new in the image of the Deceiver, Father of Lies who now speaks through the mouth of men caught under his dominion, because in the beginning the snake twisted the words of The Word, making it what it was Not.

So now, when God my Father who redeemed and set me free from the power of sin and darkness, which still enslaves others, says, “Go” I am His way to show them The Way and I dare to say, “No” because these men who are Satan’s way to destroy me, since I am the way of The Way, they say I am nothing and mock me and what I declare to be truth.

So, I jump on the bandwagon of the American way that states comfort is better than freedom, because it’s The Truth that sets souls free, and truth is something to be rejected because we live in an age of deception. I just want to be self-protected, and have a good reputation, so I keep my profile low…and make my idol broken men.

But then, God steps in and says, “No.” He is a jealous King, wanting all my attention and won’t let my heart follow anything that hasn’t the intention of glorifying Him.

So, here I stand in self-pride, worshiping created things rather than the Creator. Therefore, He makes me fall, so that I will call on His name, because He is the only one that saves. He is redeemer, restorer, so when my pride has been defeated, He lifts me up from the ashes of my fallen nature, and shows me what He does to idols when we exalt them above His Name.

There lays my reputation, struck down in a crumbled heap. And who has done it but the very men from whom I sought attention. So now, from the palm of God’s hand, I’m reminded that men are broken, and they can be destructive, even without intention. But whether they meant it or not my heart is left split and I need restoration. So I make the call that was the purpose for my fall and ask God to make me whole. And He fills the hole I had created in my heart, replacing the split pieces of demolished idol with His overwhelming love.

Wow, what a difference.

Once again one with the Father, I feed off His goodness and fall deeply in love with The One because He has won my heart. Men now seek my attention, but I no longer have the intention of leaving my Savior’s side. That was my distraction, my reason to say “no” to God’s command to “go” and it has been defeated. So now, I am bold and courageous.

So Lord, use me to proclaim Your Gospel story which proclaims freedom to those enslaved to this age of deception. Make me a city on a hill – a light that cannot be hidden, so that I can expose the lies of this world by The Light of the World. Use me because You emptied me of pride, like a vessel is emptied of water, so that I am humble enough to request to be an empty vessel for Your Name.

That’s all I want, Lord. No reputation. No idols of broken men. I want myself to be emptied of myself, so I can be full of You. Make me a lighthouse, the simple brick building that houses a blinding light.


In Christ Alone~EleyanaFaith