He Loves

Oh how strong the love of God
The one and only Lord
It cannot be restrained
He loves

From the sunset to the twilight
From spring to the winter
From everlasting to everlasting
He loves

It began in the beginning
And has continued ever since
It will never fade
He loves

How gracious my King
In the midst and mire of my selfish estate
He yet tells me
He loves

Oh my soul praise Him
For His mercy and grace
For His goodness and peace
He loves

Oh heart be consumed with passion
For His just decrees
His judgment and law
He loves

Rejoice all His people
For He has saved
He has set you apart
He loves

Creation sing of His power
Glorify His name
Shout of the marvelous works He has made
He loves

History tell the story
Of the God who came to earth
To be Immanuel, the Word with man
He loves

Roads do not forget
The Jesus man who walked your path
Who taught and healed along your way
He loves

Cross point to Heaven
That every man may know the sacrifice was made
To pay the debt of sin
He loves

Mourn your loss oh death
For when Christ died upon His appointed tree
Victoriously He conquered you forever
He loves

Always remember grave
That you could not keep Him in your grasp
He rose upon the third day
He loves

Ascended into Heaven
He now sits at the Father’s hand
And prays for His chosen people
He loves

All His disciples
Never be afraid
Be brave and courageous
He loves

Face the world knowing that He loves
And though it may take your comfort or life
Know that your eternity will be by His side
He loves

This my soul knows and is why I rejoice
This is why I love
Because my Father
He loves


One thought on “He Loves

  1. jdbackman says:

    His word is wholesome 👍

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