The Philippines

“Why aren’t we doing more?” was my frustrated response when I finished watching the trailer for The Drop Box. We were at a coffee shop after our Tuesday morning Bible study, my mother and I, and she had shown me the teaser for the documentary about the South Korean pastor who saves unwanted babies.

Pastor Lee risks his own life to protect those of the precious infants abandoned in Seoul Korea. Abandoned seems an understatement, for before he stepped in the picture with his baby box the newborns were left to die on the cold and harsh streets of the city. His baby box gives mothers an alternative choice. It is a literal box put on the side of his home that allows mothers to anonymously give their babies away, no questions asked. Once the babies go in the box one end, they are taken out the other by the loving hands of Pastor Lee. He takes a baby out of his box an average of once a day. This is a constant physical strain on him and his family, and a daunting spiritual battle… Everyday.

Meanwhile, I sip my coffee in the ease of my unassuming American evangelical life, completely ignorant of the suffering world outside of my precious little comfort zone.

I am not someone who claims to believe ignorance is bliss. Ignorance separates us from the truth. I never want to be ignorant on matters of Truth.

Well, watching this video exposed me to the truth. I was purged of ignorance, and I became disgusted with myself and my lack of action against such things. I wanted to punch something. My mother got to listen to my venting as my words beat insults at myself and the American church.

My mother silently listened then spoke up, saying, “This is what your brother is doing. He is working with kids just like this in the Philippines.”

Yes. He is.

Caleb is my oldest brother. He is a videographer. At the moment he is working with non-profits across the world making promo videos for them which will hopefully encourage people to give to the ministry in any way they can. Caleb is encouraging me to give six months of my life to them when the opportunity presents itself.

I have been praying about it.

The organization I would be working with helps the kids in the Philippines that my mother mentioned. They have an orphanage there, The House of Hope, that takes children left for dead off the streets of Manilla and gives them a home until they are adopted.

I first heard about them from my brother when he got back from his first trip there about a month ago. He will be returning to work with them in five weeks.

“Why don’t you go to the Philippines?” my mother asked once I was finished with my venting.

I sipped my coffee. “I’m praying about it,” I said. “But I won’t be able to do that for several years.”

“No. I meant why don’t you go with your brother in April?”

My heart skipped a beat.



“I don’t think Caleb would be thrilled with that idea,” was my true to character response. Ever the skeptic.

“I think he would be thrilled!” my mother replied. “Not for himself necessarily, but for you. I think he would be excited since he knows this is where your heart is.”

Well, there was only one way to find out. I asked him. Sure enough my mother was right. He was enthusiastic about bringing me along with him. Now that… Was a miracle.

My father also agreed to let me go. After a few logistic questions his response to my request for his approval was, “Let’s do it.”

I am still in deep prayer about the whole thing. This not only would be a huge blessing if I were going just once, but this could be the stepping stone for the 6-month-trip I am praying about making in the future. I have not received a strong undeniable sign from God that this is where He is leading me. But if it is, I trust that He will provide.

That’s the cool thing about this. I do not have the means or resources to getting there myself. I have many loops I have to go through. Like funds! I need a thousand dollars (yup, $1000) and at the moment I have no money whatsoever. But because of this, I know that if everything is provided God’s blessing is upon me. If not, than I can trust He has something better for me.

I cannot get there apart from God, and to me that is so amazing!! I am not relying on myself for this, but solely upon God. Therefore, if I go, it is because (and only because) God wills me to be there.


In Christ Alone~EleyanaFaith


Dear Abba, Only You can know the excitement and joy within my heart when I think about where you may be leading me. You know that my passion is, and always has been; children. Especially unwanted babies, like the millions of precious life’s snuffed out by abortion here in the states. An opportunity has presented itself for me to work with such children, and how I long to snatch it up right away. But Lord, not my will but Thine be done. If Your blessing is not upon these plans I do not want to follow through with them. I want to go only where You lead me, only where You have already prepared a place for me in advance. If it is not Your will for me to go, please take the desire away from me. Replace the longing to go over seas with something else; a work You have for me here, where I am. Do not let me be lead astray with the thrill of an adventure, but help me to keep my eyes and heart fixated on You and the plans You have for me. If, however, it is Your will, that this trip has been ordained by You and that the plans thus far made are a testimony of this, please show me clearly that I may be able to know for sure. Bring in the funds. Provide the means I need in order to get there. Prepare my heart in advance for what I will be doing there. Give me boldness and fearlessness if I am to go into a foreign country with scary and terrifying differences that makes comfortable me want to hide under my bed. Strip me of my comfort-zone. Lead me where You will. I will follow.

Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?” And I said, “Here am I. Send me!”


Some photos Caleb took in the Philippines:

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