Looking Forward

God has stolen my heart for missions.

And for the first time in my life I’m actually daring to whisper to my soul, “I might be a missionary”.

Could it be? Could it truly be that way back when I watched that three minute trailer for the Drop-box, God was laying the groundwork in my heart for a life-long work of missions?

I get chills when I think about it… That’s just how awesome our God is!!!

I’m in very deep, daily, prayer about it. I’m fervently asking God where He wants me to go, and what He wills of me. I’m praying about all of my different options, eager to know His direction as to which one He wants me to take.

Currently, the best option seems to be YWAM, a three month training program back-to-back with a three month outreach program, focused on teaching youth how to be the active body of Christ on the mission-field. There is a base ten minutes away from The House of Hope, so I could be trained while still being able to see the precious little people who have captured my heart.

That is what I’m planning to do for the time being, but if God chooses to lead me another way I am in complete surrender to His will. Not my will, but His be done. 

I am terrifically impatient to be off, though, and must constantly remind myself to seek God in this time and in this place, for one thing is sure, no matter where I go, I won’t be going for at least a year. I still have commitments here in the US and I must fulfill them before I head to YWAM (or wherever God takes me) in the fall of 2016.

I am eagerly asking God to use me here and now. I know God has a wonderful purpose for my future, but He also has a wonderful purpose for my present, and I don’t want to miss it! 

I’m praying for open doors to use my gifts.

I’m praying for ways to be involved with ministries here.

I’m praying for friends and community to surround and support me.

I’m praying for God to provide the money I need for YWAM.

I’m praying for patience, peace, and joy as I serve in the one ministry I know God has given me above all else; my family.

I’m praying that God makes it clear to me what He wants me to do with this year.

“You have me here for one more year, Lord. What do you want me to learn.”

I’m praying that the Lord makes it clear where He wants me to go, what He wants me to with my life, and that He will prepare the way before me.

God is goodI know that with every atom of my being. And I feel so in awe of Him that He would use my life for His glory. I want to make the most out of that immense and completely undeserved blessing.

Like I said, I’m gonna earn five more talents for my Master.

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In Christ Alone~EleyanaFaith


God, is this possible? Is this possible the trip you’ve taken me on? This crazy roller-coaster of faith? And I look back and try to pin-point where it all started, and I think you might be laughing at me because really… “Before the foundation of the world”. NO! Really? Can it be…? I can only go as far back as my conception, knowing that You had a reason to place my soul in the womb of my mother, so that I would be born in this household. In this home that calls You, “Lord”, and for as long as I can remember it lived out the gospel message. I can remember all the times You made it so clear to me that I was Yours… And You never even thought about letting me go. And I’m bewildered, because I’m so unworthy and yet You chose me. I am Your workmanship created for good works, and I am clay in the Potter’s hand, and I am predestined for Your purpose. No, God… Really? Yeah, really. Now, all I want to do… all I ever want to do, is bring You glory. So, Lord, show me how. 


One thought on “Looking Forward

  1. blackbcg says:


    All I can say, is it is such a wonderful blessing to know you…

    Your writings here are so inspiring in so, so many ways…

    Encouraging in so many others…

    Confirming in some… and a beautiful reminder of some things long forgotten…

    Thank you for sharing your heart with us and the so wonderfully awesome work our Glorious Savior is doing in and with you…

    I can imagine and dream and even long for the joy our Father has in store for you in this life because of the path you have chosen… the path He has called you to… But, I believe I know you well enough to know that this indescribable joy you will experience is not what motivates you at all… 🙂  It’s simply your love for Him…

    And Eleyana, please know, that it is inspiring people like you who, with even just the faith of a mustard seed, our Father uses to remind the rest of us that in Christ we can do so much more than just imagine and dream…

    I and many others will be praying for everything you are praying for as mentioned in your post… t

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