A Creed

Live life unhindered
Cast off the sin that entangles
Run swiftly and stay steady
Believe not in yourself
But in the power of salvation
Give grace
More than you receive it
Love recklessly and honestly
Hold nothing back
But live fully
In awestruck wonder
Of the glorious Creator
Praise unending
Always worshiping
Out-loud and silently
Do glory for God
Give Him all you’ve got
Don’t be afraid to stumble
But be humble
And learn from your mistakes
Take heed lest you fall
Never be proud or conceited
But consider yourself a servant
Die everyday to self
Live in rapture of the Almighty
Give Him glory always
Make yourself less
So He can be made more
In your life
Be an example to others
Show kindness to your neighbor
Give to the least of these
Show everyone honor
Rejoice in every day
And soon you’ll live a life of love
Like Christ did
And that is the goal

In Christ Alone~EleyanaFaith


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