Child-Likeness of Heart: The Truly Mature

I danced for Him the other day. It’s been ages since I’ve done that.

I always put on worship music when I’m cleaning, and even if I’m not. And that day I turned it up loud and sang a little off-key with the familiar songs. I found myself the only person in the front of the house. My mother and brothers were gone, my father was taking a nap, and my sister was in our room strumming away on her guitar.

I went to sit on the couch and had something of an idea to read. But, suddenly, I was dancing.

A little while ago, someone brought up old memories that made my soul delight. She spoke of a little girl twirling for her King, and a picture came to mind that I had long forgotten. This woman, an old family friend, and a wonderful daughter of God, had hidden this thing in her heart… When I had danced in her living room long ago, unaware of her watching.

At the time she had just lost a baby and apparently I was a gift from God when our whole family moved in with hers.

You know, some of our life-changes actually are God graces to those around us. That’s something to think about.

God gives us this crazy command to be like the children. It makes my head spin a bit when I think about it. Because watching children… it’s so hard to live like that once you’ve grown up. Once you are introduced to the grown-up way, and you are taught about responsibility and taking charge of your own life.

And then enters worry,




Because we often choose to define maturity as having it all under control. 

We think once we’re mature we don’t have to trust anyone else anymore. That it’s all on us now.

Well, that’s complete balderdash.

True maturity is being humble and admitting that you don’t have it all together. The truly mature are the ones who hand it to God and choose to trust Him in everything, trust Him blindly, hold his hand tightly.

The truly mature don’t want to have it all under control. They don’t want to be in control. They want to put control back in the proper hands.

In God’s hands. 

The truly mature really look like children. Following their Father, and sometimes getting lost in the joy of it. Letting go of the stress of life and taking a moment to rejoice in praise. 

Sometimes, those of us who forget this need to take a moment to dance. 

Dance and get lost in the joy of it.

Dance and get lost in the praise to Him.

Dance and get lost in the love from Him. 

And as I did this the other day, as I danced in complete surrender to my King, knowing He was delighting in me from His throne, I prayed for more child-likeness of heart.

“Lord, if this is what being a child is like… I want more of it.”

In Christ Alone~EleyanaFaith


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