The Song of Grace

The song that brought me liberty
First upon that blood stained tree
When years ago He died for me
And set me from my bondage free

The song that gave me life and joy
And saved me from the Devil’s ploy
That once for all did sin destroy
And cleansed my heart from lies alloyed

The song that made me strong and bold
To fight against Satan’s threshold
That has on souls a sure stronghold
Since for fruit our purity was sold

The song that made my bloodline new
Made my adoption to God true
His servant, but a daughter too
The privilege of a precious few

The song that soon when I will die
Will lift me to the heaven’s skies
Upon His eagle wings I’ll fly
This song my spirit from will rise

The song that when I end this race
I’ll see my Father face to face
The melody His love’s embrace
I’ll praise Him for the song of grace

In Christ Alone~EleyanaFaith


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