Binding the Broken-Hearted

I saw her in the store and my heart broke.

She was dressed like a hooker; big black platform heals, a spaghetti-strap dress-short and with a neckline cut low. So much skin was showing.

There was a time I would have looked at someone like that with anger and condemnation. There was a time I would have judged this young girl, throwing accusations of “what kinda person does that” at her.

But today?… My heart broke.

Later,I recognized this as a God grace. He’s teaching me how to love the least of these, leading me in sanctification, guiding me in Christ-likeness.

Because, you know, Christ let a prostitute wash his feet with her repentive tears. He didn’t shrink from her touch or look down on her in accusation. Instead, He whispered love to her soul in a declaration of “better is she” to all those around the dinner table.

He took part in her discrimination, by loving her despite her sin. And all the holy men around her judged Him too because of it.

Then, in an ultimate act of forgiveness, He called her to holiness.

“Your faith has saved you; go in peace.” (Luke 7:50)

I thought of the woman so long ago as I watched the young girl that seemed to resemble her. I kept glancing at her as she looked through clothes in the retail store. And it happened when I saw her eyes-I felt this deep aching in my heart. An aching I know my Christ shares with me.

I had such a longing to walk boldly up to her and embrace her in a grace hug. I had a whimsical soul wish to whisk her away somewhere safely in solitude and listen to her story and share the gospel with her. Just so she could know there is Love in a perfect place.

No pain. No brokenness. No abuse. No judgment.

Jesus washes all blemishes away by the flow of His sacrificial blood. All becomes grace with Christ.

Don’t you know?… There’s hope.

I wish my eyes could have told her that as mine locked with hers for a fraction of a second. But she looked away so fast. And soon after, there went my chance. I walked away from an opportunity to share the gospel.

In the car I thought about it. Thought about how our world is so broken and how Christians seem to make so many excuses for why they don’t share Christ so He can fix it. He can bind the broken-hearted. So, why don’t we let Him?

They say you need to feel the leading of the Spirit. But, is that true? Or is it just another lousy excuse for non-action.

I do believe we need to be lead to share, but how often have we drowned out the Spirit’s voice because of fear. We feel a gentle prick in our heart, but we ignore it due to self-consciousness. And soon enough we won’t feel the leading any more, because when we do we dismiss it.

And Christ just says, “I’ll use someone else. And if there is no one willing, the rocks will do it.

If we be quiet the rocks will surely cry out.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be discarded by God because I’m unwilling to listen to His calling. I don’t want the rocks to cry out in my place. 

We need to keep our ears open to Gods direction. And if we aren’t sure, maybe we should take that as a go ahead, instead of a no.

There’s nothing to lose if we share the gospel, but everything is lost if we don’t!

Think about it? God called us to a life of missions, wherever we are at. If that’s true, then everyday we should be sharing the gospel with someone. Who are you going to share it with today?

Just look around. Everyone needs it.

And sometimes all it takes is stepping out of your comfort-zone for just a minute and opening the door for God to move. And maybe, He’ll move a mountain through you. Maybe, He’ll break down walls of Jericho through you. Maybe, He’ll bind broken-hearts through you. 

I hope that next time I’ll be willing to sacrifice my selfishness in pursuit of God’s best, because when I think about it, everything is worth it. 


In Christ Alone~EleyanaFaith


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