Above and Beyond

Our God is able, but two words that define Him more than able are; above and beyond. He gives us cray gifts of incredible grace.

Years ago we had a foreign exchange student bless us with his presence in our home. Charlie was from China, and knowing the amazing opportunity we had to share the gospel with him we coveted the time he spent with us. My family is acutely aware of the very present persecution of Christianity in China and knew this might be the only time Charlie would hear of Christ. Because of this, we were purposeful in living out Christ to him in everything we did and said.

We got to live that out only two weeks before he was gone.

We lost contact with Charlie for a long time, until somehow I unearthed his email years later. In a wishful moment I sent him a letter through the web unsure whether I would receive a reply… I did.

He replied with excitement and surprise… and a couple pictures too!! And in a totally God-orchestrated moment, we were reconnected.

I looked at this as an opportunity to continue sharing the gospel with Charlie, but found myself uneasy about being forthright about my faith.

Having grown up around missionary work, and being much involved in reading stories of Martyrs and the persecuted church, I had heard more than one horror story about the Chinese government and their hostility towards Christians. How they are so zealous to rid their country of Christ they go as far as reading peoples texts, letters, and… oh, yeah, emails.

I didn’t know how careful I should be with how much I mentioned God in my conversations with my Chinese friend. At first I even excluded my “In Christ Alone” signature from the bottom of the emails, but overtime I began adding, little by little, characteristics of my faith.

He didn’t always get what I was doing.

Like, when I began adding my signature with my hymn titled sign off, I got a follow-up email from him ending in… “On Thursday Alone~Charlie”

I thought that was pretty funny.

Well, we continued writing, keeping each other updated about the important “What’s-News?” of our lives. And about a month ago I wrote him about my Philippines trip. For the first time, I let loose about my faith and explained fully what I was doing and what motivated me.

And for the first time, I started really praying for him. 

I prayed the impossible… That God would bring him a Christian in China, someone bold and fearless in their faith.

Then, last week, I got this email from Charlie, telling me about how he had met a Christian friend from America whose been telling him about Jesus.

… Whoa…

Is that not jaw-dropping amazing?!! God is so GOOD!! 

Furthermore, Charlie wrote about a peace he had experienced while he was here with us. Specifically, a peace he felt when we prayed at meals, when we “praised before dinner”. He said that peace got right deep into his heart, and nothing could worry him when he felt it. A ‘sound’ was telling him to live a peaceful and happy life.

God not only answered my prayer to bring someone to him in China, but He opened up a huge opportunity for me to share in detail the gospel of Christ with Charlie. He is allowing me to be a part of His plan for him! 

I cannot help but wear a stupid grin while writing this story. It just gets right deep into the soul of me. A crazy joy and expectation of God overwhelms my heart. HE IS SO GOOD! And far more than able, but above and beyond!!

“This God-his way is perfect… For who is God, but the Lord?” (Psalm 18:30-31)


In Christ Alone~EleyanaFaith


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