Lead Me


“See that road?” The Father questions,

His will points out a path.

I look upon it in expectation,

My gaze fixed on the goal.


“Yes, Father, I see it. Barely, but I see it.”

“Follow it my child,” He whispers.

He has called me by name,

“Follow Me.”


“Father, it looks risky. Are you sure tis the right way?”

His gaze falls upon me,

Compassion with the power of conviction,

Both in perfect harmony upon His blood streaked brow.


“It is my Child, but I have already conquered it.

No power of hell, no scheme of man,

Can ever separate you,

From my almighty plan.”


Without hesitation the Creator reaches forth His hand,

The hand that made the universe, crafted every star,

Brought every breath to being, created my heart.

He places His hand in mine whispering, “Trust Me.”


The fear inside me melts as He firmly takes me hold,

And wraps me in His goodness and calls me to His throne.

I hold a hand scarred at the wrist,

Saying with confidence, “I will.”


Lead me Father, towards eternity.

Lead me to self surrender, towards the glory or Your name.

Lead me to the cross, though I be unworthy.

Lead me, Father lead me, till to home you call me.



In Christ Alone~EleyanaFaith


One thought on “Lead Me

  1. blackbcg says:

    Thank you for this Eleyana,… t

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