Dawn’s Approach

Thousands of trees silhouetted against a darkening sky

Stars begin to illuminate the erry night

Billowing clouds heave by

My heart sighs as I watch the fading light


Take comfort my soul in love hidden inside

Arm yourself with courage as you face the dark

All is not lost, though the day has died

Be strong as on this journey you embark


The land is veiled in black

Across it weary feet guide me

Upon the circumstances of the past I will not glance back

Though hard this present road may be


Demons prancing in the shadows

Occupying places where moonbeams do not fall

They hiss from their dark infernos

Blasphemous curses to me they do call


Yet my God is with me

He is at my right hand

And though I stumble on debris

Upon His mighty name I will stand


Perhaps my joy will falter along the way

For a moment my faith commence caving in

But where truth is seeded deep it will stay

Protecting me from the destruction of sin


Until that wondrous hour, then I shall see dawn’s approach

The sky will exceed with brilliant color

As the day brings night’s reproach

From now until then shall I bathe in Your goodness evermore



In Christ Alone~EleyanaFaith


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