What if… “Anything”


Anything that

Our Lord requires

Asks of us

Requests from us


What if

Our Answer

Our reply to Him

What if it was



What if… “Anything”


What mountains would move?

What Jericho-high walls would crumble?

What sin would become untangled?


What if… “Anything”


What would happen?

If we took Him at His word

Became obedient as slaves

Bowed to His will

And simply said



What if we truly said with conviction…



“I will do anything.”


Anything for You, Lord

Anything for Truth

Anything to free the captives

Anything to defeat the darkness

Anything to walk in obedience

Anything to cast off sinfulness

Anything to live holy

Anything to live purely

Anything to fall more deeply in love with You

Anything to please You

Anything for You, Lord


“I will do anything.”


Well… What if?



In Christ Alone~EleyanaFaith


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