Remember Me

Do You, oh Lord, remember me?

The one who gave my heart to You

Who swore my allegiance to You,

Who pledged my life to You?


Remember me?

The one who promised all,

All of me, all my life,

An offering for Your use.


Do You remember how I claimed to be Yours?

How I testified to be in You alone,

How I proclaimed You as Lord of my life,

And how I preached about Your name?


Yes, You remember.

You remember me.

Remember all these things,

But You also remember more.


You remember how I fell,

You remember how I turned away,

How I got bored,

And decided I had had enough.


You remember how I made an idol,

You remember how I exalted it above You,

How I broke Your commandments,

And esteemed my wants above Your glory.


You remember how Your voice called out,

You remember how You bid me come home,

How I scoffed at the words,

And how I said no.


I said no,

No to You, No to truth.

Deceiving myself into thinking,

My lie would profit me most.


You, oh Lord of all!

You see everything,

So see me now,

In this moment, do not forget me.


Look upon my broken heart!

Hear my pleas for mercy!

Return me to Your fold!

Remember me!



In Christ Alone~EleyanaFaith


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