The Tongue

Oh words, you flow too fast

Spilling from my lips like foam


Oh mouth, you are unguarded

Why do you hang agap


Oh mind, you know not what was said

How easily your thoughts have run astray


Oh heart, your hurt is too readily shared

Too open, on display for all to see


Do you not realize that what you speak

Has such strong effect

On the souls of those you meet


Are you so oblivious to believe

When your thoughts are free spoken

They won’t haunt you and you won’t flee


When silence comes

Your lips are still

You wait impatiently

Your heart beats continual unrest

You feel anxiety rise within your chest

For your gossip has betrayed a friend

And in the quiet lull that replaces company

Your stomach turns nervously

And you wished what had been said

Hadn’t been


A lesson to be learned

From the beast the Word of God has warned

To be the fire breathing dragon


Love True

I find love true

Upon my knees

Talking with Him

Saying His name

Nothing compares

To the peace that I find

In His presence

Joy divine



In Christ Alone~EleyanaFaith