If I Say Thou Art Mine

If I say Thou art mine

Let my life prove it true

By the words that I say

By the things that I do


If I say Thou art mine

Let my heart agree

Trusting your words

And just decrees


If I say Thou art mine

Let me live by faith

Believing in You

Seeking Your face


If I say Thou art mine

Let me count the cost

Following You

Till worldly desire is lost


If I say Thou art mine

Let me not be afraid

To go where You lead

On the path You have made


If I say Thou art mine

Let me ever be true

To giving my all

Living for You



In Christ Alone~EleyanaFaith


One in a Million

A spoken word poem I wrote many months ago. I found it while going through some old documents. Enjoy!

A One in a Million Man

I sit and observe, watch the man with the strawberry ­blond and his beard spread wide across his face, his smile shining through. He laughs and it is strong and full of life. He talks and it is humble, yet sure. He works and it is efficient and worthy. He does not complain, but accepts everything with grace.

Sixteen years is the gap between us, but I still watch him and observe. I watch to learn from him.

Perhaps some think this watching is absurd. Old fashioned, some might say. But it is the second biggest soul decision you will make. And I don’t believe in redos for this one. Don’t believe in scratch over the old and bring in the new. Don’t believe in adultery. Don’t believe in divorce. This is a soul decision. A bind yourself to another forever ­ death the only separator.

No. I won’t play the dating game. Love is not a toy you play with, toss in the air and watch as hearts fall split at your whims. Souls are too precious, too one of a kind to be flippant with.

No. This is a once in a lifetime decision and I want to make it perfect. So I watch and observe and try to find the best qualifiers: potentials who, like me, are also searching and seeking a spouse for this wondrous life call of marriage.

But the pickings are few, for the idea of marriage has been skewed by the present age.

Media tells us marriage is for everyone and anyone. Like a Hollywood film with Prince Charming and his fair maiden. That it is all about how you feel. So date as many people as you want. When you finally find “the one”, get married. And if the heart poundings you once had for your spouse fade, then that’s okay – just get a new one.

Yeah, it has been badly defined.

Marriage is not for the hopeless romantics who spend all their time sailing dreamboats in the sky, with their heads whisking the clouds.

Marriage is holy ground.

It is a life call. A mission field. Soul labor, where every moment is in service to another, and selfishness is nonexistent or the ultimate enemy that will make you poisoned and venomous.

I’ve watched too many marriages die defeated by spouses that don’t live selfless to pretend otherwise.

Marriage is not a dreamboat it’s a death-machine. A daily living death to self, and that’s why it’s a battle.

If it’s so hard, then why bother?

Because if you are victorious it is the most beautiful masterpiece you can accomplish on earth.

Marriage is service, service to your spouse and service to your King. It is a gift that two souls bound together can offer to the master of them both. It is a lifelong giving; a soul, heart, mind, and strength gift, every day for the rest of your life.

And this is why I am so cautious. This is why I spend so much time watching and observing and adding to a mental mindset of what it is I’m looking for . . .

A man, not a boy. A man who knows how to act properly. Who knows love is not about the first kiss, the honeymoon romance, or the precious moments leading up to that. Who knows love is deeper and dirtier and it takes mind muscle more than heart feeling. That love is saying “I’m sorry” on the bad times, and apologizing after getting angry and laughing away the heartache of the difficult days. That love is gracious and forgiving to the wife when she screws up and makes mistakes. That love is leading and preaching and pointing to a King. That love is always praying and worshiping through every day. That love is always knowing that being humble is better than having muscle and appearing strong. That love is sticking through and digging through the soul messes when two disagreeing opinions collide and years seem to be lost on an ongoing fight that’s most likely pointless.

Love is the tough stuff, the glue that holds the souls together and makes the two hearts one.

I want a man who knows what love is and knows how to put it into action. Not only with me, but with everyone.

Love is Christ and all that He stands for. I want a husband who imitates that, who walks in a manner worthy of the gospel, worthy of the calling, worthy of carrying a cross. A man who pleases God, and who can help me do the same.

Such a man is one in a million. Solomon said that in Ecclesiastes, said that such a man is hard to find. Such a man is even more difficult to get . . . to earn.

So that is why I search and seek and try my best to be worth it.

The man with the strawberry blond, he is such a man. One day, perhaps, he will make a woman happy. But I have more waiting to do. And more searching. Then, maybe one day, I’ll find the hidden treasure of a one in a million man … But, it’s gonna take some time.


In Christ Alone~EleyanaFaith

Jesus in the Room

Sunday brought a cold and overcast morning, with it – sickness. I woke up to find I was inflicted by not only sniffles, but a bit of a sore throat as well. For this reason, I made the choice to stay home from church. It was a blessed time of relaxing in an empty house, while having the beloved view of a rainy day outside the windows.

I had something of a thought to listen to a favorite song of mine on YouTube, but got distracted by a short video of advice from an awesome Spoken Word preacher (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0p6lVdtGKI). This particular teaching had to do with not settling for a life of sin. He brought up a picture that stuck with me for the rest of the morning. When you are in the midst of sin, he said, just realize that Jesus is in the room with you; watching not out of judgment, but with eyes of grace and love and mercy.

After the video, I simply relaxed on the couch, listening to my personal Pandora station playing in the background. I cuddled up in a ball and reflected on the words of familiar Christian artists. Then, the picture returned to me… “Jesus is here in the room with me.”

No. I wasn’t dealing with any sin at the moment. I’m not even struggling with major sin issues during this season of my life. But, I’m still human. I am struggling and flailing in little ways.

I had this picture of Jesus standing above the couch, watching me with those eyes full of love and promise. I opened my eyes with the wishful hope that I could see him. No. His bodily form was not there, but I certainly knew His presence was in the room, whether or not I could feel or see it.

Another picture came to mind.

In Romans 8, Paul states that Jesus has gone to heaven to sit at God’s right hand and there he prays for us. Jesus Christ is interceding on our behalf.

I pictured Him coming up behind me and laying hands on my back, head bent in earnest prayer for me.

There is a jewel in Philippians 4 after Paul has stated that beloved verse, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” He closes the passage by saying, “My God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.”

God meets our needs, not according to our wishes or desires, but according to His riches in glory… His heavenly desires for us. We are caught up in worldly things within our short-term mindsets. God, however, has a mindset of eternity and He regards us in this light. He prays for us in this way… not the prayers we have for ourselves, but prayers from everlasting to everlasting.

Christ Jesus prays over us with an infinite love for infinite purposes.

We have the upward call of glory in our Lord Jesus Christ, and He is making petition for our knowledge in such things. That our mindset would be transformed into the likeness of the Son. That instead of praying for this thing and that thing we pray, “Your will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.”


In Christ Alone~EleyanaFaith


What Love is This

Feelings fast, not true

Flutter past in fleeting dream

What love is this

In current strong

My thoughts are drowned

In quizzical throng

Both doubts and daydreams

Clutter view

Make my logic seem untrue

To remain faithful yet

Within my heart or in my head?

These clash in battle

But alas, in this, one must win

And today a gruesome battle won

My heart the standing champion

But what of my cautious mind?

No, they cannot disagree

These powers must align in unity

To prove my feelings

Not fast, but true

My mind must also steadfast be

To the ever pestering test

What love is this?

The most precious best


In Christ Alone~EleyanaFaith