Leadership Camp!


I just got home from my week at worldview academy, and I have to say it was the best week of my life!

I have never been so inspired in my life, never so convicted.

The teachers were amazing. I learned so very much from them, and I can’t wait to share my new knowledge with you.

Through-out this new week I will be sharing what I’ve learned, hopefully daily. I have so much to say about the lectures, the people, and the witnessing that we had a chance to do.

This week impacted me so very much and I hope that it will also impact you!

In Christ Alone~EleyanaFaith


God of Wonders-Creation Video

Here is a video that absolutely amazed me. It gave me a completely new perspective of how amazing our God is, and how much creativity He put into creation. I hope that it inspires you.

My Name, God’s Story

Throughout my life I have made much make believe. I have soared on fairy wings, cheered on an imaginary football team, knighted several honorable men, danced in a gypsy caravan, jumped a train as only hoboes can do, and I have gone where only the imagination can carry you. All of the memories I hold of these magnificent times are wrapped up in the folds of numerous outfits. These clothes, are to me, the treasure of my child-hood, and all treasures must be kept in a safe place. The safe place I erected for these particular treasures is an old wicker basket.

This old whicker basket is not ordinary. It is an emblem of things remembered to the past, present, and future. Therefor, along with the items it holds, the safe place is a memory and treasure dear to my heart. Sadly, though, dear things can often be forgotten and thus it happened that I had left this old friend to the past.

Time has a strange habit of reminding us of the past, revealing to us the future, and doing so in the present. Well, today is the present and today time took the time to remind me of the past…the same past I forgot my old friend in.

It came upon me, the realization that I could gain an evening spent in joy if I unearthed these treasures which held a childhood of memories. So, I searched for and found my old friend, the whicker basket, and as I removed the lid the clothes became my scope to the past.

A memory reminded me and somehow the image stuck. I’ve been thinking about it all day.

Do you remember playing make-believe? Do you remember why you did so? I remember one of the reasons why I did. I played make-believe so that I could make believe I was someone else and therefore have a different name.

So many times I made up a new name for myself. So many times. But somehow I was never satisfied with a made up name. For some reason I was never content with a fake name.

Looking back I now know the reason. It may seem silly to you, dear reader, but to me it makes perfect sense.

I was never satisfied with a made up name because my real name is like the names of the Old Testament. It holds a story. My story.

My story is very similar to the story of Samuel. Samuel (meaning: God listens) was given his name because God listened to the prayers of his mother Hannah. Eleyana (meaning: My God has answered me) was given to me because God answered the prayers of my mother.

The reason behind my name means very much to me, and because of its meaning I will never want to change my name. My name started my story, a story filled with prayers answered by a mighty God. A beautiful story of His grace and love towards my mother. A story that  continues as He daily brings grace and love to me. Through my name God glorifies His name. Therefore, my name is actually God’s story and because of this I am overjoyed. 

In Christ Alone~EleyanaFaith

Why Worry? It’s Only Life.

Dear Blog,

I stared at the X-rays displayed on the computer screen. My heart skipped a beat.

Is that really what I look like?

The picture presented my back…hunched, crooked, curved; it resembled a heart born into the depravity of the world’s sin nature. The similarity was that both needed healing, but in different ways.

My back, Doctor Hart explained, would have to undergo a physical healing. A brace would have to force my spine into it’s correct position: straight, tall, level.

But, I thought, isn’t there another way?

Physical problems have a tendency to cause spiritual problems. We get mad at physical trials and then turn to our spiritual life and get mad at God for our physical trouble.

It’s a normal reaction because it’s life.

Life, it’s a hassle. It’s a pain in the rear. Life has a habit of hurling problems into the heart of your soul, where it will be the most felt, where Satan could cause the most pain.

He is our enemy. If we are searching for God’s truth passionately we are his largest target. He’s at the wheel and we are the chickens on the road. It will be hard to avoid the tire.

God promises that our life will be hard. In fact, He tells us that it is essential for the Christian walk. “Whoever does not carry their cross and follow me cannot be my disciple,” (Luke 14:27). We need to be prepared for roughness in all areas of life, and we need to bare them with patience and worship.

Worship? Worship God for our troubles? Yes, because this is the way He heals our spiritual wounds. When we let go of our grief, depression, and strife, then turn around and give Him worship our souls are put to rest.

We have all heard the story of Job. How he was inflicted with all kinds of tribulations, but instead of cursing God he cried, “blessed be your name[!],” (Job 1:21).

If we accept the easy things in life, than shouldn’t we also accept difficulties? Not only accept but worship and thank God for them? If we worship God and get rest, when we thank Him we’ll get more then rest…we’ll get joy!

God revealed something to me a couple of weeks past. I was astounded, and so was my mom when I offered thanks in a prayer for my back problems and my disappointments. I hadn’t offered thanks for them in the attitude of Job, but rather with the same outlook of James. “Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know the testing of your faith produces perseverance,” (James 2-3).

Can you imagine! God loves us so much that even if we are living in pure trial and trouble, then we are still reaping blessing! 

“God,” I had prayed. “Thank you for the tribulations every day brings us. Thank you for the assurance that we can know that even through the rough and hard times, everything that You do is for our good and for your glory.”

What a thing to keep in mind! The knowledge that anything, anywhere, anytime, no matter how terrible, God is working it out for His glory and OUR good!

In that doctor office that day my mom held my hand, and looking into my dark green eyes searched them. Her lips formed a single question. I read them, and listened to the sound of her words.

How are you doing? I looked back at her, fully aware of how hard the next year would be. I replied intending to be funny, but it came out soothing to my mother. A lullaby to her worry. I can’t really argue with the only One who knows what’s best for me.

It has been about six months from that day, I’ve had my brace on every day for half of that. I’ve had to wear it standing, sitting, sleeping, moving bricks, weeding, baking, cooking, cleaning, riding a bike, playing basket-ball, and playing my fiddle. I’ve had the opportunity to question God, and turn my back (no pun intended =] ) on the sentence that held me from the gates of grief, sorrow, and depression in the office of Dr. Hart. But I haven’t. And, I pray I never will. 

Now I have a new outlook on life. I know that it is filled with strife and sorrow, complications and confusion, hurt and pain, but knowing that God is blessing me through every part of my life as long as I keep Him as my focus I can shrug my shoulders and say…Why worry? It’s only life.

In Christ Alone~EleyanaFaith






“The tongue has the power of life and death” Proverbs 18:21.

“Get a Life . . . ”

The words pour out like a fountain and by the time they spill fourth their poison, it is to late to close my mouth.

Sarcasm . . . I HATE IT!

It seems to surround every corner of my life lurking to attack me and place under its power my weak soul. Strength enough I do not have to hold back the reins on this beastly device.

It murders and kills, crumbles and destroys, its job is to cause misery.

Yes, sarcasm can be funny, but compared to how often it destroys a soul . . .


Lately I have been strangled by this power. I have given into my flesh and ignored the quiet voice of my savior. I regret my choices to ignore the spirit, and have been paid with proper punishment. Now I cry out to my God that He will be the sword which will kill the enemy sarcasm. Without His help I can do nothing, so to Him I submit.

Now dear friends, I present to you a challenge. Will you, along with me remove sarcasm from your life. With this tool removed we can look upon the face of God and bring glory to His name. I will pray for you dear readers, in the hope that you also will be praying for me . . .

In Christ Alone ~EleyanaFaith


Dear Blog,

My mother pokes her head into my room. Clothes are scattered across the floor books pushed onto the shelf, everything a mess, she ignores it and calls for me.

I cover her voice with my pillow.

Again she calls and I move George so I can hear. She calls me to the couch.

Crawling across my sister I am able to place my feet on the floor and stumble through the hallway and across the carpet to the foot of the couch. And I let my fragile body fall to the comfort of the course fabric. My eyes half shut stare into my mother’s peaceful shining ones.

Soon my brother joins me and Mickey places herself next to my mom.

She speaks and her voice holds sorrow, but peace. The TV is on and music streams through its speakers and she pours out her heart.

Tears run down rivers across my face, they form streams as I listen. Her words touch my sister, my brother is still half sleeping.

The morning is spent with us, all but my brother, spent with us praying, deep, powerful, yearning prayers. I open my mouth and let praise flow across my heart and into the crisp air. Prayers to the only one who ca answer.

In Christ Alone ~EleyanaFaith


Dear Blog,

Friday it was cold. The whether had my toes turn a ghostly white and caused me to find protection under my thick blue coat. My dress was a navy-blue pencil skirt (which went to my knees), a white polo shirt hidden by my jacket, and black flats. Considering my skimpy clothes in such frosty cool you can imagine the amount of goose-bumps that traveled across my skin. Walking into school I had to stamp my feet in order to get blood once more flooding through them.

Being home-schooled my whole life, this is new for me . . . THE ACADEMY. A classroom, classmates, male-teachers, tests, uniforms, almost always constant giggling, it is all so different. Of course I do only come once a week, but this opportunity is . . . refreshing. In a way I like the stress and expectations pushing me on. In this I further my education and my goals become new cliffs to climb. Friday has become the highlight of my week, four times a month I get to prove myself and prove that I can. Can get good grades, can become a better writer, can learn how to use proper logic, can become a friend, a great companion, and the best peer, and above all I can GLORIFY GOD IN ALL THAT I DO. This is my goal this year, this is my expectation, this is Mount Everest . . . not only for this year, BUT FOR MY LIFE.


In Christ Alone ~EleyanaFaith